Getting You In

Producing Excellency.
Seeking for Development.

Finance Professional

An experienced, motivated, stress-resistant person, able to achieve desired goals within the short deadline under intense circumstances thinking out-of-the-box.

Team Management

Managing teams under any business circumstances to deliver excellent results together

Organizational Skills

Working on projects across departments and companies in order to bring benefits to all stakeholders.

Analytical Skills

Making data-driven decisions, always going deeper than the visible layer. Assessing options and possible outcomes.

Risk Management

Risk-aware thinking, making decisions being aware of possible opportunities and threats, planning negative outcomes mitigation in advance.

Financial Management

Planning, organizing, directing and controlling the financial activities - tailored for the stakeholders' needs.

Strategic Planning & Forecasting

Setting a direction, defining strategy, estimating if it will work, on all required levels.

Selected Experience

Results-oriented hard-working
professional with years of extensive experience in risk management and financial services

Meet Me

I seek for constant development and believe that there is always a way for improvement.


Oleg Szczerbak

Sol Financial Services Polska

Artem is a high-skilled, goal-oriented person, who proposed creative solutions for various business issues while presenting deep understanding of finance.
I recommend Artem to any business person or company.

Savvas Shiatis

Director at Oneworld Ltd

Artem is very good in project and risk management for projects under negotiation.

He showed deed knowledge of CIS Banking.