Producing Excellency.
Seeking for Development.

Finance Professional

Seasoned and driven professional adept at meeting tight deadlines and navigating high-pressure situations with innovative problem-solving. Experienced in economic analysis, financial consulting, risk management, and team leadership across diverse industries. Ready to deliver results and exceed expectations.

Team Management

Expertly leading teams through diverse business challenges to foster collaboration and achieve outstanding results collectively.

Organizational Skills

Coordinating cross-departmental and inter-company projects to maximize benefits for all stakeholders involved.

Analytical Skills

Utilizing data-driven insights to make informed decisions, delving beneath the surface to analyze options and anticipate outcomes.

Risk Management

Strategic risk-awareness, adeptly balancing opportunities and threats to make informed decisions, with proactive mitigation planning for potential negative outcomes.

Financial Management

Strategically planning, organizing, directing, and controlling financial activities to meet stakeholders' specific needs and objectives.

Strategic Planning & Forecasting

Establishing direction, formulating strategy, and thoroughly evaluating feasibility across all necessary levels to ensure effective implementation.

Selected Experience

Results-oriented hard-working
professional with years of extensive experience in risk management and financial services

Meet Me

Embracing continuous growth and relentlessly pursuing improvement at every opportunity


Oleg Szczerbak

Sol Financial Services Polska

Artem is a high-skilled, goal-oriented person, who proposed creative solutions for various business issues while presenting deep understanding of finance.
I recommend Artem to any business person or company.

Savvas Shiatis

Director at Oneworld Ltd

Artem is very good in project and risk management for projects under negotiation.

He showed deed knowledge of CIS Banking.

Andrea GardonyiAndrea Gardonyi


Artem is an easy-going, candid manager, who is eager to help when needed but allows people to work independently. He is also a knowledgeable professional, with a wide range of areas to cover across finance. I would be happy to work with him in the future.

Stella Serfőző


I worked with Artem the last few years and can confirm he is a reliable person, who is full of ideas and initiatives. He is always keen to get the most positive result from everything, he is result and detail oriented with a TO-DO attitude. Artem is a good people manager as well and his team can count on him in every situation, he is a caring manager who provides to his people support, guidance, knowledge trainings and is there to help them. Artem has a good control mindset and very good technical skills. He is open for feedback, to learn new things and develop.